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How to discover competitors in eCommerce?


How can I DISCOVER how many others eCommerce stores are selling my products ? This is one of the most frequent questions that customers ask us before buy PRICEFY.IO. The answer is of course yes, discover how many other eCommerce are selling your products this is one of the core features of PRICEFY and we always try to improve it, month after month. But lets see how you could do that. Marketplace:...

How To Monitor Products Price Over All Marketplace

catalog marketplace uniqueness

Nothing is more important than having a price strategy for each marketplace. Lets see how you can create a dynamic price strategy based on your direct competitor or marketplace prices. The first step must be to obtain your competitors or marketplace (Amazon, Ebay or Alibaba) prices and to do that you can use PRICEFY.IO free profile account. Once your products has been imported and processed you...

How to monitor Amazon products price


If your first and biggest competitor is amazon, why you are not monitoring his prices ? Today, actively monitoring your biggest competitor, Amazon, should be easy like install an APP or check your bitcoin price on line but you know, is not. This is mainly because Amazon is jealous of his catalog so every tentative of taking these information using their API or scraping the Amazon website will...