How to monitor Amazon products price


If your first and biggest competitor is amazon, why you are not monitoring his prices ?


Today, actively monitoring your biggest competitor, Amazon, should be easy like install an APP or check your bitcoin price on line but you know, is not.
This is mainly because Amazon is jealous of his catalog so every tentative of taking these information using their API or scraping the Amazon website will result in a fail on the long distance.

PRICEFY.IO will helps you do it painless. No software to download, no code to write or scraping service to pay. Just import your products and done, PRICEFY.IO will show you all possible information and suggestions that help you win the price battle with your biggest competitor ever, Amazon.
Now let’s see how our Amazon price monitoring tool works:

Once your products have been imported (follow this guide if you don’t know how to do that), this is the main dashboard where you will be redirected.


Minute after minute, the dashboard will be filled with your catalog’s products enriched with a lot of useful info that we will see them later).

Scrolling down, you will find a section called Price Competition where your products prices will be compared with Amazon and Ebay prices to let you know if you are higher or lower.

This panel will be the starting point for your price strategy.
You can use it this information for a lot of new and successful marketing strategy like:

  • Create a personalized label on your e-commerce that communicate when your price is lower than Amazon
  • Create an email marketing campaign communicating that your prices are lower than Amazon
  • Create dynamic ads on AdWords
  • Print personalized price tag for your brick and mortar store where you communicate that your product price is cheaper in store than on Amazon.
  • Organize a new category on your e-commerce called “Cheaper than Amazon”

And many others that I’m sure you will be able to invent.

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